Tooth Whitening Gold Coast

Tooth whitening is the key to keeping your teeth white and your smile glowing. Our Gold Coast dentists will create professional-grade tooth whitening kits for you to take home — so you can whiten your teeth in comfort.

Maintaining White Teeth is Tricky

No matter how immaculate your dental hygiene routine is, your teeth will likely stain and yellow over time. Drinks like coffee, tea, and wine are the worst offenders typically, but we don’t expect you to sacrifice those good things in life for the sake of your teeth. Instead, you can continue brushing, flossing, and mouth washing as well as ensuring you drink water after these staining foods and drinks.

teeth whitening gold coast

Feel Comfortable and Confident in Your Smile

Like we said, we don’t expect you to kick coffee or tea for the sake of white teeth. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident when you smile — not self conscious about the colour of your teeth. When you need a boost of whiteness in your smile — come see us for tooth whitening, Gold Coast. We’ll transform your teeth for you.

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What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is how we whiten your teeth. We basically use a human-safe bleach on your teeth to lighten their colour, without harming your enamel or teeth. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment, however, it’s not a replacement for quality and regular dental care.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

At Be Dental, we offer our patients take home whitening kits. They’re still dental clinic grade kits, created by dentists. You’ll come into our dental clinic so we can take some digital impressions of your teeth and your mouth. From here, we’ll create whitening trays. Whitening trays are similar in appearance to a mouthguard or an occlusal splint and are designed to sit close to your teeth. You’ll apply a whitening peroxide gel to the whitening trays before applying these to your teeth.

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What’s in the Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit?

Your take home teeth whitening kit will be just as effective as an in-chair method. Whitening your teeth at home offers you more flexibility and comfort — and works just as well. You’ll receive custom whitening trays, fit to your teeth, a whitening peroxide gel to apply to the trays and whiten your teeth, and instructions to use it. You’ll also receive a shade guide to track your progress.

take home tooth whitening kit
teeth whitening gold coast

How Do I Know if Tooth Whitening is Working?

We’ll include a shade guide with your kit. You can note which shade your teeth are to track your progress or take photos with your teeth against these shades. Progress photos are really handy for seeing how far your teeth have come.

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How Long Does Tooth Whitening Take? How Long Does It Last?

You should typically start seeing results within the first week of using your tooth whitening kit. How long your teeth whitening lasts is dependent on how frequently you freshen them (re-whiten), how well you take care of your teeth, and whether you’re still consuming those big ticket staining foods and drinks. It’s recommended you avoid these within the first week of whitening, as they can quickly reverse the progress.

teeth yellowing and staining

The Worst Culprits for Teeth Yellowing & Staining

As we said, you should avoid heavily colouring or staining foods and drinks within that first week following your tooth whitening. So, what are these? The obvious culprits are tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea, cola drinks, and sugary soft drinks. Surprisingly though, strong curries, beetroots, tomato-based sauces, and even soy sauce can stain your teeth.

Your Gold Coast Tooth Whitening Dentist

We’re Be Dental and we’re a dental clinic local to Arundel, Parkwood, and the Gold Coast area. Committed to providing the very best dental care, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, tried and tested dental techniques, and innovative dentists — to offer you the very best care for your teeth. Our dentists love working with Gold Coast patients to boost your confidence through cosmetic dental treatments.

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Alex Richmond

Oral Health Therapist

Alex was born and raised in Brisbane and permanently relocated to the Gold Coast in 2012. Alex graduated from the University of Queensland in 2009 with a Bachelor of Oral Health. Since then she worked as an Oral Health Therapist in both general and orthodontic practices, before joining the Be Dental team in January 2015.

Alex aims to assist patients in achieving optimum oral health through prevention of dental disease. Alex is able to restore teeth, apply fissure sealants and remove baby teeth when necessary in children up to seventeen years of age.

When Alex isn’t at work, you’ll probably find her watching AFL or at the Gabba barracking for her beloved Brisbane Lions! Her other interests include craft and attempting to find the joy of cooking.

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Dr Chris Waters

BDSc Hons Class 1 2002 U.Q Master of Clinical Dentistry (Dental Implants) 2013, Griffith University
ASID Level 4 Accreditation
Member of ICOI, ADA

Dr Chris Waters graduated from the University of Queensland in 2002 with first class honours. Since then, he has been constantly attending professional development courses and has also obtained his Master of Clinical Dentistry in Dental Implants from Griffith University in 2013.

He has now had 15 years experience in private practice in the one location at Arundel.
This has allowed him to learn exactly what treatments work and what doesn’t when it comes to teeth. Experience, confidence, clear communication and clinical excellence means that Dr Waters will stand by his treatments and guarantee you get what you pay for.

He prides himself on being an ethical decision maker and an honest, caring person.
Chris is married to his wife Kelly, and together they have 2 small children and one large Rottweiler which keep him very busy in the “down” times. When he is not at work, he is usually running, or fishing and sometimes still surfing if he is lucky.

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Dr Stuart Craig

Principal Dentist
Member of Australian Dental Association

Dr Stuart Craig grew up in central Queensland and completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery studies 2013 as part of the inaugural graduation class from James Cook University in Cairns.  After moving back from home to Rockhampton for a year and then spending a few years in Townsville he and his wife Susan moved to the Gold Coast in 2016.

Stuart has 7 years experience as a Dentist and completed countless hours of professional development including Invisalign, relative analgesia sedation and completing 12 month residency with renowned specialist prosthodontist Dr Tony Rotondo in 2015.

Stuart is passionate for restorative and cosmetic dentistry and prides himself on his understanding and clinical care for patients concerns. It is very important to Stuart’s philosophy to have a long lasting relationship with his patients.

Outside dentistry Stuart can be found most weekends on the Golf course or tending to his garden and enjoying the best of the Gold Coast lifestyle.

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