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At Be Dental, we understand that as people, we are all wonderfully unique. As a result, dental treatment at our practice is tailored to suit YOU and your personal needs. Dr Waters and his team have the experience and skills required to tailor a dental treatment plan that will give you valuable and functional results well into the future.
Treatment options will always be offered in a way that you will be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages and decide for yourself the best path forward. Dr Waters’ experience in the field of general dentistry allows him to answer even the most difficult questions.

With strength in prevention and maintenance, Alex your Oral Health Therapist will help keep you motivated to maintain excellent oral health throughout your time with us.
The proven systemic links with oral health and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and even alzheimers means that looking after your oral health will go a significant way in the reduction of risk factors for these and other preventable systemic conditions.