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MouthGuard & Splints


If you or family members play any contact sport, a custom-made mouthguard from Be Dental should be considered an essential component of any sports kit. We are committed to protecting your teeth, particularly from unexpected injuries when playing sport. Mouthguards can do a lot more than just protect your teeth; a correctly fitted mouthguard prevents injuries to your lips, cheeks, tongue, neck, brain and lower jaw, they can also help to prevent a concussion.

Many serious dental injuries are caused by tooth trauma and your teeth are an important asset. Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard when necessary will help you protect them against:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Jaw fractures or injuries
  • Dental trauma which can lead to gum and lip damage
  • These issues can lead to long term dental problems


Occlusal Splint

If you grind your teeth at night and wake up with a sore neck, jaw muscles, headache and tired; you should talk to us about an occlusal splint.While sleeping, your bite force can be up to six times greater than when you are awake. An occlusal splint is a device you wear while you sleep to prevent you from damaging your teeth by clenching or grinding. Worn or cracked teeth and damaged restorations are only some of the physical consequences of grinding.

Related problems include:

  • Sore jaws
  • Headaches
  • Neck aches and jaw alignment problems.    

The cost of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, not to mention the time and discomfort associated with those procedures is an investment worth safeguarding. If you have crowns, veneers, or other types of prosthetic dental work, a mouthguard or occlusal splint is essential to protect your valuable smile.


Why Do I Need A Mouthguard?

Injury prevention is the number one reason to wear a mouthguard. If you play a sport or are involved in activities where your mouth or face could be in danger, it is smart and safe to wear a mouthguard. One little slip-up can cause serious damage which could affect you for the rest of your life.


How Much Do Mouthguards Cost?

Mouthguards vary in price, If you are in a health fund, depending on your level of cover you may be in tilted to a rebate. 

What Is A Splint?

An occlusal splint is a slim hard acrylic guard fitted to the upper jaw and covering the biting surfaces of your upper teeth, designed to be worn at night while you sleep. 

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